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Pinnacle Hip Lawsuit Plaintiff Seeks $5 Million For Injuries

Whitney Taylor | December 1st, 2012

A $5 million Pinnacle hip lawsuit was added to the federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Northern District of Texas on November 2, 2012. In this complaint, the plaintiff, through her Pinnacle hip lawyer, claims she will likely have to undergo revision surgery to remove her failed hip implant device. The case has been added to the MDL, joining other lawsuits involving similar complaints regarding Pinnacle hip replacement devices. Coordination of these lawsuits streamlines the early stages of the trial process, allowing for similar cases to be settled faster.

Pinnacle hip lawsuit

The plaintiff in this case, Tina Miller, underwent hip replacement surgery in 2007. A DePuy Pinnacle metal-on-metal device was implanted at this time. In recent months, Miller has experienced significant complications with her Pinnacle hip, including popping, a grinding sensation and severe pain. According to the lawsuit, the pain is now interfering with Miller’s daily activities and impacting her quality of life.

In addition, Miller has suffered symptoms of metallosis, or metal poisoning, since her original hip implant surgery in 2007. She claims that the metal components of the implant create friction and release tiny metal particles into surrounding tissue and the bloodstream. Metallosis symptoms may include pain, inflammation and swelling around the affected joint. It can also result in loosening of the hip joint and development of tumors.

Miller is now seeking medical attention for her complications. She states in her complaint that her doctor will likely prescribe revision surgery to remove the faulty implant and replace it with a new device. Revision surgery is a riskier procedure than the original implant surgery, since there may be less bone in the hip socket to work with. In addition, recovery and rehabilitation are typically longer and harder after revision surgery.

Defective design leads to injuries, alleges Pinnacle hip lawyer

Miller’s DePuy lawyer claims her injuries were a direct result of defective design in the Pinnacle hip replacement system. The complaint states that DePuy concealed “known defects, early failure rate and unreasonable risks” from the medical community and general public. In addition, the manufacturer continued to market the device as a superior product for patients with active lifestyles, and one that would last longer than other hip implants on the market.

Since its approval by the FDA in 2000, the Pinnacle hip from DePuy has been the subject of hundreds of reports of painful side effects and early failure. Patients have reported similar problems to Miller’s, including pain, dislocation of the hip joint, necrosis (premature tissue death) and metal poisoning. Many of the problems are similar to those reported with the DePuy ASR hip – a device that was recalled by DePuy in 2010.

As a result of her injuries, Miller has suffered possibly permanent injuries, emotional distress, disability, disfigurement and economic loss. Miller is now pursuing exemplary, actual and punitive damages from DePuy Orthopedics and Johnson & Johnson, for a total amount of $5 million.